During Pregnancy

Pregnancy brings many changes to a woman’s body. Learn more about what changes you can expect and what should concern you.

Most women experience a healthy pregnancy, but sometimes complications occur.  It is important to go to regular check-ups with your provider throughout pregnancy so that complications can be detected early.  When a pregnancy complication is detected early, it can be treated or monitored to make sure it does not become worse.  Below is a list of common complications that occur during pregnancy.

There will be lots of excitement surrounding the birth of your baby.  It is important to prepare for your labor and delivery date.  Below are helpful ways to plan for this day and things you should expect on your delivery day.

Pregnancy loss is a sad and difficult event, no matter how early in pregnancy it occurs. Even if the pregnancy was not planned, it can be emotionally difficult when it ends too early. Below is a summary of some causes of pregnancy loss and some ideas about ways loss might be prevented.

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Prenatal care, the care you get during your pregnancy, is a valuable part of a healthy pregnancy. During your prenatal visits your doctor will do tests, check on the development of your baby and talk to you about healthy weight gain, your plans to breastfeed, how you are feeling, and what to expect during labor and delivery.
You should schedule your first prenatal visit as soon as you find out are pregnant. Prenatal care helps keep you and your baby healthy. It lets your doctor spot health problems early. Early treatment can cure many problems and prevent others

56972025_20Healthy babies are usually active. Unborn babies sleep for a short periods of time, but most of the time they will kick roll, twist and turn. Counting your baby’s movements, also known as “Kick Counts,” is a way to tell how your baby is doing. A healthy baby usually moves or kicks at least 10 times in 2 hours.

Doctors and midwives usually recommend that you being counting movements around the 7th month of pregnancy (about 28 weeks). As you get to know your baby’s movement pattern, you will be able to report any changes to your care provider.

Kick Counts Tracking Sheet

The amount of weight you gain during pregnancy can affect the health of you and your baby. The recommended amount of weight to gain depends upon your weight before pregnancy. Visit the Baby Your Baby website to learn more about pregnancy weight gain recommendations for you.
In this section you will find tips for taking care of your oral health while you are pregnant. Getting oral health care, practicing good oral hygiene, eating healthy foods and practicing other healthy behaviors will help keep you and your baby healthy. Delaying necessary treatment for dental problems could result in significant risk to you and your baby.